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Well buddy first i want to say THANK you for your many years of playing football for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers... The Buccaneers are my favorite team an have been since the early 90's... I have watched you since your days at Purdue, i'm in Ohio an i see Big Ten football each weekend... I'm just glad that the Lord gave you the chance to come play for the Buccaneers... Also i am glad you had such a GREAT career w/ the Bucs setting team records, playing in 6 Pro Bowls an winning a Super Bowl in in 02'... No one can EVER say your weren't a winner or a go getter, you played you heart out an that is what i'll miss the most... I love each an every time you had the ball handed to you... The emotion, drive an passion for wanting to get into the end zone... I have a TON of favorite moments when watching you run but one of my most favorite is the run into the end zone against the Minnesota Vikings... Up the middle came Mike hard an fast, no outlet so what did you do... You keep fighting for more an came around to the right side of the line where there were two defenders awaiting your arrival... Into the end zone you pushed yourself an BOTH of them Vikings defenders, that day is a day i won't forget... That is PASSION, FIGHT, an the DRIVE to succeed... I remember two Christmas's ago i sent you a custom figure that i made of you in your Joliet Catholic H.S. uniform... I love making these customs figures an started All Star Customs to create custom figures for anybody who is passionate about sports like i am... So i am thrilled to have made something that i do hope created happiness in remembering your days playing High School football... Then a short time when by an my wife brought me the mail an i get a hand signed thank you from you on a picture of yourself... Man i tell you Mike that is the BEST thing that could of happened to me (with the exception of shaking your hand)... I will always cherish that picture of you w/ the thank you for the figure i made for you... Thanks Mike it means the world to me... I also have a room in my home dedicated to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we call if the "Buc room" at our house... This houses MANY autographed helmets, player pictures, jerseys an historical things as well all dedicated to my BUCS... Well Mike i want to thank you for ALL you have done for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an that area, i do hope you stay w/ us an do some type of coaching for the team... Because i want to be able to shake your hand one day an say thank you for taking the time to sign that picture for me... God Bless you Mike as well as your wife an two beautiful children... As a father of 3 (Austin 11, Tayler 8 an Kaley 5) so i know how precious they are to you... Thanks for your time an have a GREAT retirement...
Trevis Meseroll - All Star Customs